New service release: 0.7.2

I’m proud to announce that after a long time, we finally managed to throw out a new release. I’ve managed to improve the core functionality therefore this release contains a significant advance in overall performance.

Also, Stampie managed to fix a long-awaited feature, the two-way synchronization with the variables view.

In the future, we plan to redesign the use-cases of the tool. Currently, we’re in an experimental phase, which means we do not know how we want it to work.

2 thoughts on “New service release: 0.7.2”

  1. Well, we have some concrete ideas to pursue in the future. But it is a research phase, so it cannot be decided, what do they mean.

    The two-way selection synchronisation is not so long-awaited, as not a lot of people are using the project – yet. But in the last year it was missing, thats true. 😀

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