A burst of commits

I’ve commited the Debug Visualization project a long ago, but the previous few days I’ve had some spare time to kill on the project. The work mostly focused on the input package, which I didn’t liked at all when I wrote it in the first time. I just didn’t have better idea. But i have now and rewrote the whole part.

I’m satisfied with the currently used approach (for now), as I’ve managed to separate different functionalities, and connect them in a simple way. Also, it is reasonably faster than before, but it still makes the eclipse lagging when the user steps the debug context, which I don’t know why (yet). Anyway, navigating in the graph, hiding/showing nodes and other display-related functions are now fast enough.

For a more detailed explanation of the new operation, see the wiki page InputPackage.

ps.: for a change as big as this, I’m thinking of a maintenance step in the version numbering (0.7.0 instead of 0.6.2), what do you think? I’m hesitating because of the lack of new features.

2 thoughts on “A burst of commits”

  1. Well, if we could use this rewrite as a basis for some simple new features, it could go well. There are some ideas in the tracker.

    On the other hand, do we need to release this version now? If not, then maybe some bigger features could be implemented.

    To use version 0.6.2 for this rewrite: I don’t suggest. It looks quite big and too central for the project.

  2. I think there is no need to release this version yet (I’ve started working on cooperability with variables view though), so we can wait for some new features before that.

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