A burst of commits

I’ve commited the Debug Visualization project a long ago, but the previous few days I’ve had some spare time to kill on the project. The work mostly focused on the input package, which I didn’t liked at all when I wrote it in the first time. I just didn’t have better idea. But i have now and rewrote the whole part.

I’m satisfied with the currently used approach (for now), as I’ve managed to separate different functionalities, and connect them in a simple way. Also, it is reasonably faster than before, but it still makes the eclipse lagging when the user steps the debug context, which I don’t know why (yet). Anyway, navigating in the graph, hiding/showing nodes and other display-related functions are now fast enough.

For a more detailed explanation of the new operation, see the wiki page InputPackage.

ps.: for a change as big as this, I’m thinking of a maintenance step in the version numbering (0.7.0 instead of 0.6.2), what do you think? I’m hesitating because of the lack of new features.

So we are now starting a blog…

Debug Visualisation for Eclipse… Who knows what is it good for. Maybe a quick detection of some misplaced references. Maybe more.

The project started as a home assignment for an Eclipse course at the university, but we were interested in it, so we continued the development. Our goal was to support the debugging process by helping the detection (or exploration) of the state space of the program.

We are not calling our software a 1.0 release, as we don’t think it can help in a lot of cases. But we believe it is worth to invest time to increase its usefulness. Maybe in the end something good will come out from it.

This page is started for reporting our progress, share ideas. We would be glad to hear your opinions about the project. Your idea may help – we are not capable of solving the problem in general, we need potential use cases. We need testing.

So to help the communication a blog is born. Please if you test our project, give us feedback: what do you like, what are the worst points. Do you have an idea to share with us? We are glad to hear it. Maybe we will implement it, if we are interested enough. Or if you implement it, we are glad to include it. So let’s rock.